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Sharjah’s Wasit Wetland Centre joins global conservation network

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The Environment and Protected Areas Authority in Sharjah (EPAA) has furthered its commitment to wildlife preservation and biodiversity by admitting the Wasit Wetland Centre into the esteemed Wetlands International network. This move underscores the Emirate of Sharjah’s dedication to environmental stewardship and conservation efforts. Wetlands International boasts a membership of 350 organizations spanning six continents, making it a formidable global force in wetland conservation.

Sharjah's Wasit Wetland Centre joins global conservation network

With formal recognition from the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands, the network serves as a vital platform for educational initiatives and collaborative endeavors among wetland-centric institutions worldwide. Through the Wetlands CEPA program, members can develop communication strategies, conduct educational outreach, share knowledge, and access essential conservation resources.

The successful integration of the Wasit Wetland Centre into Wetlands International aligns with Sharjah’s overarching environmental strategy, which places a premium on the preservation and enhancement of wetland ecosystems across the emirate. These areas not only serve as popular tourist destinations but also play a crucial role in bolstering the region’s ecological resilience and sustainability.

Managed with meticulous care by the EPAA, the wetland reserves and centers in Sharjah provide a sanctuary for a diverse array of flora, fauna, and avian species, many of which are endangered or at risk. The EPAA’s unwavering dedication ensures that these habitats receive the necessary protection and support to thrive and flourish.

The Wasit Wetland Centre has emerged as a beacon of environmental education, providing visitors with valuable insights into coastal bird species and their habitats. Through immersive experiences in expansive aviaries and strategically positioned bird-watching stations, guests have the opportunity to connect intimately with the region’s avian residents.

Boasting over 60 species of resident and migratory birds, the center offers a unique platform for bird enthusiasts and conservation advocates to observe and study these magnificent creatures in their natural environment. Additionally, the center hosts a diverse range of educational programs and activities aimed at raising awareness about the significance of coastal birds and the conservation challenges they face.

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