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China hotel’s one-shower rule sparks intense debate

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A swanky hotel in China is making waves, not for its luxury suites or gourmet cuisine, but for its “one shower per stay” policy. Guests checking into this upscale establishment in Yunnan province were left scratching their heads when they discovered a sign indicating extra charges for any subsequent splashes or soaks. The news broke when a baffled visitor clicked a snap of the sign and sent it into the viral stratosphere.

China hotel's one-shower rule sparks intense debate

So, what’s behind this wash-and-charge scheme? Hotel representatives claim it’s a conservation effort aimed at curbing excessive water use by guests. With rates at 2,500 yuan (Rs 28,850) a night, one might think a second rinse would be on the house. Yet, staff note the necessity to guarantee ample water during the peak summer season.

Interestingly, while the sign has been in place for a month, no one has been billed for a double dip. Netizens, however, showered the hotel with skepticism, inquiring about potential fees for additional guests in a room or air conditioner usage.

This isn’t the first time hotels have made headlines with peculiar policies. There’s the hotel in Boston which once requested guests to sign a “no partying” agreement upon check-in. Then there’s the boutique hotel in London that hands guests a goldfish for company during their stay – talk about a low-maintenance roomie!

Meanwhile, in Bali, a luxurious retreat banned smartphones at the pool to promote “digital detox”. This made it the perfect spot for anyone seeking to unplug, literally. In the realm of quirky charges, an Italian family was floored when slapped with a 20 euros fee to segment their celebratory cake into 20 portions at a Palermo eatery. Their bill highlighted a “20 x cake service” charge, proving that unexpected expenses aren’t just a shower away.

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