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Bitcoin’s price plunge triggers $800m crypto liquidation wave

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Bitcoin’s tumultuous Thursday sent shockwaves through the cryptocurrency market, resulting in over $800 million in liquidations. The sudden plunge in Bitcoin prices accounted for nearly $300 million in BTC-specific liquidations within 24 hours, while the broader crypto market witnessed additional liquidations totaling over $500 million. Bitcoin’s trajectory on Thursday was nothing short of dramatic, catching traders off guard.

Bitcoin's price plunge triggers $800m crypto liquidation wave

The cryptocurrency surged to nearly $74,000 in the early hours, marking yet another milestone in its remarkable rally. However, the release of a report from the U.S. Labor Department indicating persistent inflationary pressures abruptly reversed Bitcoin’s fortunes, triggering a downward spiral from which it struggled to recover. Bitcoin’s descent led to a frantic scramble among traders, many of whom had bet heavily on its continued ascent. The price plummeted to as low as $65,848 on Friday morning, marking an 8% decline from Thursday’s highs.

Despite this significant dip, Bitcoin managed to claw back some of its losses, rebounding to $67,860 at the time of reporting. However, uncertainty loomed over whether this recovery would be sustained or if further volatility lay ahead. The sudden downturn in Bitcoin prices sparked a wave of liquidations across the market, with over $200 million worth of long positions in BTC liquidated in the past 24 hours alone. Additionally, more than $70 million worth of short positions in the cryptocurrency were also liquidated during the same period.

These liquidations accounted for a significant portion of the total liquidations observed in the broader crypto market, highlighting the widespread impact of Bitcoin’s price movements. The repercussions of Bitcoin’s plunge were felt beyond the realm of BTC, with other major cryptocurrencies experiencing similar trends. Ethereum, the second-largest cryptocurrency by market cap, suffered an 8% drop in response to Thursday’s inflation data, falling to $3,701. Subsequently, over $100 million worth of long positions in ETH were liquidated, along with more than $30 million worth of short positions.

Meanwhile, altcoins like Solana and Dogecoin also witnessed substantial liquidations, further underscoring the market-wide effects of Bitcoin’s volatility. Amidst the chaos, Solana emerged as an anomaly, bucking the trend observed in other cryptocurrencies. While the majority of liquidations stemmed from long positions, Solana saw a more balanced distribution, with liquidations for both long and short positions almost evenly split at around $20 million each. This unique pattern sets Solana apart from its peers and suggests a different dynamic at play within its market.

The events of Thursday serve as a stark reminder of the inherent volatility and unpredictability of the cryptocurrency market. As Bitcoin and other digital assets continue to attract mainstream attention, traders and investors must remain vigilant and adaptable in their strategies. The rapid fluctuations in prices and the ripple effects across the market emphasize the importance of risk management and prudent decision-making in navigating the ever-changing landscape of cryptocurrencies.

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