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UAE’s bold move into sustainable agriculture with advanced greenhouse

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In a significant stride towards sustainable agriculture, the UAE has inaugurated a state-of-the-art greenhouse facility. This ambitious venture is a collaboration between ADQ and Safe Haven Solutions, a frontrunner in climate-smart agricultural solutions from the Netherlands. Situated in ADQ’s innovative AgTech Park in KEZAD, the facility exemplifies the future of food production in the region.

UAE’s bold move into sustainable agriculture with advanced greenhouse

The 10-hectare facility, equipped with cutting-edge agricultural technology, is set to revolutionize sustainable food production within the UAE. Sustainability is at the core of this initiative, with the greenhouse incorporating an efficient cooling system. This innovation significantly diminishes both carbon and water footprints, paving the way for year-round cultivation of staples like tomatoes and cucumbers in a carbon-neutral, regulated ambiance.

As the project progresses into its second phase, it aims to expand its cultivation area to a sprawling 20 hectares. Shoppers can anticipate fresher, superior quality local produce, thanks to a reduced supply chain. By optimizing its scalability, the project seeks to synchronize production with local demand, thereby cutting down on food waste. Moreover, Safe Haven Solutions is poised to foster local innovation. Its team of horticulture specialists will synergize with regional researchers and agronomists. The focus to devise technologies tailored to the UAE’s unique climatic conditions, while also imparting knowledge to budding Emirati agriculturists.

This venture holds profound significance for the UAE, a nation traditionally reliant on imported produce. With projections indicating an 18% surge in the annual consumption of fruits and vegetables by 2026, bolstering domestic agricultural output has risen to the forefront of national priorities. The greenhouse facility is just one in a series of pioneering projects at the AgTech Park. Earlier in the year, ADQ kickstarted a vertical farming initiative, joining forces with ZERO, an influential tech enterprise based in Italy.

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