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Emirates Sealine to offer unconventional cruise calendar

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Dubai-based airline Emirates has announced the launch of its new maritime arm, Emirates Sealine, as it sets course on its maiden voyage to Karachi. The new service promises to offer ultra-luxury experiences to passengers with an initial order of 10 multi-billion-dollar cruise ships.

Emirates Sealine to offer unconventional cruise calendar

Emirates Sealine is positioning itself as a disruptor in the industry by offering cruises outside the traditional seasons, with its first voyage scheduled to set sail from Dubai Harbour on April 1, 2024. Itineraries and bookings will be available from June 31, with the liner docking at major ports around the world, supported by the airline’s vast global network.

The first liner was spotted majestically sailing around Dubai’s Palm Jumeirah on its maiden sea trial earlier this month. The ship boasts the latest technology, including AI and innovation, which will allow it to sail at more than 50 knots per hour, nearly double the speed of the fastest ships today.

Emirates Sealine will set the industry’s pace for maritime sustainability by working with vendors on sustainable maritime fuel, solar panels, recycling, and waste management. It will also offer customers an unparalleled level of luxury, with four cabin types providing a range of amenities and space.

Emirates Sealine’s maritime expansion is part of the airline’s broader strategy to diversify its offerings beyond the air. With the world-class facilities in Dubai, such as Palm Island and Dubai Harbour, Emirates is perfectly positioned to capture a significant portion of the lucrative luxury cruise market.

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